• UltraBoostWiFi™
  • UltraBoostWiFi™
  • UltraBoostWiFi™
  • UltraBoostWiFi™
  • UltraBoostWiFi™
  • UltraBoostWiFi™
  • UltraBoostWiFi™
  • UltraBoostWiFi™


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Now You Can Instantly Double Your WiFi Range 

The UltraBoostWiFi™ is a combined wired/wireless network connection device designed specifically for small business, office, and home office networking requirements.

Yes. Now you can double your WiFi range and remove every WiFi blindspot! No more slow WiFi! How amazing is that?

It allows a wireless network to be expanded using multiple access points without the traditional requirements for a wired backbone to link them.

Double your WiFi range in minutes. The UltraBoostWiFi™ plugs into any wall outlet and sends your router's signal further around your home so that you can enjoy high-speed internet anywhere.

Easy to set up, simply connect your extender wirelessly to the router and it will instantly boost your WiFi signal to the area of the extender.  This is perfect for people who find out the internet is slow in just a few areas of their home, basement rooms, patios, garages or anywhere you want wifi. Just plug in the UltraBoostWiFi™ and say hello to faster internet.

WiFi dead zones happen when passing through thick or multiple walls. Rooms that are far away from your router may suffer at extremely slow speeds, which makes you switch to your phone's data, costing you tons of money. 


This is the easiest solution to boosting your internet speed!

How To Set It Up:

1. Plug It In Where WiFi Is Weak
2. Connect Your Device To The WiFi Connection "WiFi Repeater"
3. In Your Browser, Type ""
4. Log In, Name: Admin - Password: Admin
5. Choose "Repeater Mode"
6. Select Your Routers WiFi Network
7. Log In Using Your Routers Information
8. Re-Connect To "Wi-Fi Repeater" 
This Time The Password Will Be The Same As Your Home Routers Password.

You're Done! Enjoy Faster Internet.

Main Features:

✅Boosts Internet Speed Instantly!
✅5 Minute Set-Up
✅Plugs In Anywhere In Range Of Your Router
✅Carry WiFi To The Exterior Of Your Home
✅300 MBPS WiFi Transmission Speed
✅Compatible With Any Router or Modem



Compatible With All Wireless/Wired Connections
Transmission Speed:
 300 MBPS
Wi-Fi Supported Frequency:
Voltage (V):
Plug Type:

Package Includes:

1 x Wireless-N Repeater
1 x RJ-45 Networking Cable
1 x Quick Installation Guide


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